Sustainability is fast becoming a highly overused word so we will tread gently here.

Practices, processes and products that are positive for our community, our commerce, our environment and our society as a whole vs.. those that are negative are where we try to focus.

This is as much an art as a science as there is no perfection just good direction. We want a good life as well as a long life.

“Are we building or are we destroying?”
“Are we helping are we hurting?”
“Can we do a bit better today and encourage others in the same way?”

We are proud to have been the founders of Canada’s first store front retail sustainability centre in Kingston Ontario Canada.

The centre was a pilot project that exceeded our wildest expectations and with the pilot concluded we hope that The City of Kingston will run with the idea via Sustainable Kingston.

At Grace Media we are always looking to lend a hand, where possible, to promote a positive direction for our precious planet.

Collaboration is at the root of sustainable entities.

Phillip Brown has jumped into the shared economy with the opening of The Worx in downtown Kingston, Ontario.

Building on a global trend that has seen an explosion of collaborative work spaces this is downtown Kingston's first entry.

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Founded by serial entrepreneur Phillip Brown

The Goodway is the first store of its kind focused directly on investing all of its proceeds back into the local community.

The Goodway accepts donated items from the public and sells those goods in the thrift store at affordable prices to customers in the Kingston community. All profits generated from The Goodway store are donated back to the Kingston community through partnerships with numerous local organizations.

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